Cooking in Germany

What a wonderful experience, I’m cooking with Maggie
Sekepane [this is her 4th year, previously travelled with Cass]
& we now in our second week.

People love the food & flavours!  Europa Park asked us to cook 2 weeks

We have a buffet set-up & average 150 – 200 pax per

We work with a great chef’s team & we understand each
other all though there English is limited, sometimes it’s better to talk
Afrikaans, lots of words similar to German.
No problem with products, only product that I had to bring along was
leaf masala, rest is readily available, just ask, order & next day

Basic menu – ‘vorspeis’ – African soup [i cook what I think
people would like to eat, so far good choices]; springbuck carpaccio; bread
with sundried tomato butter; OEMF famous sweet mustard pear, spicy nuts &
gorgonzola salad; watermelon, feta & balsamic salad & selection of
other salads

Mains – we have a wonderful bbq set-up where steaks [beef
& ostrich] as well as ‘boerewors’ being prepared & salmon in bamboo;
off course bobotie & vegetarian bobotie; cape chicken curry; ‘wilds’ bredie
[moose from New Zealand] – it’s great, I cook 20kg of meat every 3rd
or 4th day – playing with different flavours!  All of this gets served with selection of
side dishes & home-made chutneys & sambals.

Dessert – malva pudding & tipsy tart great favourites
with selection of other dishes & fresh fruits.

Wine tasting with Seidelberg wines.

LIVE IS FULL OF FLAVOURS & whenever we have time we see
wonderful shows, rides & loads of other entertainment!

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