anita roux

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well known and highly respected in south africa’s culinary industry, anita has more than 12 years experience creating loads of oemf in this food industry.  from operational and training manager at woolworths (taste chefs) to catering manager alongside well known cape malay chef cass abrams. liaison officer for the institute of culinary arts, culinary communications at the culinary institute of america. not to mention chef trainer for sagastronomica in finland for kwv.  staff training; Chain des Rotisseur – chef grillardin; event co-ordinator & chef cum caterer by heart

anita is also involved in waitron training, promotional staff training with chain des rotisseur, chef grillardin, event co-coordinator and chef come caterer by heart

“you are the world’s seasoning, to make it tolerable……if you lose your flavour, what will happen to the world?”


anita roux consulting

anita offers her wealth of culinary knowledge to a wide range of clients. If you are planning your wedding, a corporate function or significant celebration, anita will you plan every last detail.


cooking at Europa Park this year, their 40th anniversary

Europa Park 40th anniversary!!!  AMAZING place to visit, I have being invited again as a guest chef for the African Food Festival! It’s one of the BEST entertainment parks in Europe. Here’s a link to the Par, take a look for yourself!…/park/events/african-food-festival

The South African Weeks start on Saturday 23rd of May and end on Sunday 14th of June, so come and try typical food and african wine by “colonial house” which serves these delicious courts every evening!

Besides typical specialties and juicy steaks on the braai, you also have the opportunity to taste various cape malay delights. A variety of selected South African Wines will also be available. 



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